Fast Coords: Names to Coordinates

Simply type a location into the left input box and click the button to get coordinates for it. You can also copy the coordinates to your clipboard.

    What's the Deal with Latitude and Longitude?

    Latitude: Think of it as the vertical lines running from the North to the South Pole. It tells you how far you are from the Equator.

    Longitude: These are the horizontal lines that tell you how far East or West you are from a starting line called the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England.

    Why Use Fast Coords?

    Fast Coords simplifies your life. Want to know the exact coordinates of a place? Just type it in and hit the button. You get your latitude and longitude without breaking a sweat. It's your go-to tool for quick and precise location finding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Fast Coords?

    Fast Coords is your go-to tool for quick and precise location coordinates.

    How accurate is it?

    We strive for accuracy but do not guarantee it. Use at your own risk.

    Is it free to use?

    Yes, it's free.